To start with, Sports is basically an activity done for pleasure, which needs physical effort and skill. Some people, who dedicate themselves to this activity, consider it as a passion to compete against others in their skill, ability and spirit. Sports also help in inculcating a certain discipline as well as the spirit of brotherhood or the ‘team spirit’ in the sports persons.

Sports ideally are not meant to do anything with violence. Sports for some is a mode of attaining fame, for some it is their job. Some do it as their hunger to compete and win, while the others take it as an enjoyment to watch.

But, in today’s scenario, the sports that include aggressive activities are gaining more popularity, as they present much a way of entertainment to the spectators. Since the youth are more volatile by nature they enjoy these ‘violent sports’ such as boxing, kick boxing, wrestling etc. Today’s Young generation does not make an effort to know the grave dangers that these sports put.

The dangers that these sports cause are susceptibility to major accidents that may even prove to be even worse than fatal. The injuries which may be for lifetime may be a cause of greater torture and helplessness than death itself. Certain instances in the past, such as the accident of Fred Guirrero and ‘Umaga’ because of accidents during the match have resulted in their death in the arena themselves. Also, these violent sports are responsible for major injuries to the sportspersons, such as rupture of the spine, brain haemorrhage, excessive blood loss, irregular clotting etc.

Not only the sportspersons are affected by these kinds of sports, but also, the viewers get an indirect impact on them. Young children as well as adults, try to imitate the actions that take place in these sports. Statistics say that almost 15000 deaths take place annually in the USA because of people imitating the sportspersons of boxing, wrestling, sword fighting etc. Repeated watching of such sports unconsciously affects the very psyche of the young which ultimately reflect in their behaviour in their social environment. One of the major causes of ‘road rage’, shooting spree by teenagers in their own schools and colleges, acts of suicide, involvement in murders, loots etc, are the consequences of being in constant influence these ‘violent sports’ and other such activities.

What is the logic behind sportspersons indulging themselves in such inhuman activities and the viewers watching blood smeared sportsmen in the ring with broken limbs? It seems greed of money is prompting certain people to participate in such type of violent activity. Also, it is very contradictory to the spirit of sports that they spread violence and suffering instead of providing pleasure and joy.

So in my opinion I strongly refute the proposition of those who argue in support of the continuation of such ‘violent sports’. They should be allowed neither to continue on human as well as moral grounds.

Pulkit :: Jain